Union Affiliations: IATSE Local 706 CA, IATSE Local 798 NY



"Hand of God"

Co Department Head
Amazon Productions

"Key and Peele"

Make up/ Make up Effects
Comedy Central, CA

"Kroll Show"

Make up/ Make up Effects
Comedy Central, CA


Prosthetics for Frank Caliendo

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

Make-up Effects Supervisor/Make-up


Make-up Effects


Emmy Award Winner

2009 Emmy Award for Best Make-up in a
Multi Camera Television Series (Non Prosthetic)

IATSE Guild Award Winner

1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Best Character Make-up
2001, 2002 Best Special Effects Make-up

Emmy Award Nominations

2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Best Non-Prosthetic Make-up
2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 Best Prosthetic Make-up
Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
FOX/QDE Productions, CA

"Chocolate News"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Comedy Central Productions, CA

"Frank TV"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
TBS Productions, CA

"Gilmore Girls"

Prosthetics for Alex Borstein
Warner Brothers, CA

"Damon Wayans' The Underground"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Showtime Productions, CA

"Blue Collar TV"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Warner Brothers, CA

"The Jamie Kennedy Experiment"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Warner Brothers, CA


NBC Productions, Rhode Island/CA

"The Re-Runn Show"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
NBC Productions, CA

"Saturday Night Live"

Emmy Award Nomination

1992-1993 Best Make-up
Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
NBC/Broadway Video, NY

"John Leguizamo's House of Buggin'"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
FOX/HBO Productions, NY

"Carol Leifer: Really Big Shoooo!"

Ace Award Nomination

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Showtime Productions, NY

"Saturday Night Lives's Presidential Bash"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
NBC/Broadway Video, NY

"Toonces - The Cat that can Drive a Car"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
NBC/Broadway Video, NY

"All My Children"

Make-up Effects
ABC Productions, NY

"Cosby Mysteries"

Make-up Effects
NBC/Cosby Production, CA

"The David Copperfield Show"

Make-up Effects
D. Copperfield Productions, CA




Make-up Design
Marquis Theater, Broadway

"Star Mites"

Make-up Design
Criterion Theater, Broadway

"Phantom of the Opera"

Phantom Prosthetics
Majestic Theater, Broadway

"Two Trains Running"

Prosthetic Designs
Walter Kerr Theater, Broadway

New York City Opera

Make-up Department



"Guardians of the Galaxey"

Make up Effects
Dir. James Gunn

"Kids vs Monsters"

Make up Effects
Dir. Beet Man

"Star Trek"

Special Effects Make-up
Dir. J.J. Abrams

"Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull"

Make-up Effects
Dir. Steven Spielberg

"Cinderella Story"

Make-Up Design/Prosthetics for Jennifer Coolidge
Dir. Mark Rosman

"Thirteen Going on Thirty"

Age Make-up Effects (designed by Kevin Yager)
Dir. Gary Winick


Make-up Design/Prosthetics for Alex Borstein
Dir. Victoria Hochberg

"Panic Room"

Make-up (NY Crew)
Dir. David Fincher

"The Mexican"

Dir. Gore Verbinski

"Gone in 60 Seconds"

Dir. Dominic Sena

"Fight Club"

Make-up Effects for Background
Dir. David Fincher

"The Tic Code"

Dept. Head
Dir. Gary Winick


Dept. Head/Prosthetics for David Bowie
Dir. Julian Schnabel

"Money Train"

Dept. Head Second Unit NY
Dir. Joe Ruben


Age Make-up Effects (Designed by Bob Laden)
Dir. Peter Yates

"To Wong Foo"

Special Painted Make-ups
Dir. Beeban Keedran


Age/Character Make-up Effects
Dir. Emile Ardolino

"The Ambulance"

Key Make-up/Make-up Effects for Eric Roberts
Dir. Larry Cohen

"Last Day in the Life of Brian Darling"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Dir. Daniel Taplitz

"The Toxic Advenger"

Dept. Head/Make-up Effects
Dir Lloyd Kaufmen, Michael Hertz


Emmy Award Winner and Five Time Winner of the International Make up Artist And Hair Stylist Guild Award, Jennifer Aspinall currently resides and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Jennifer began her career  at 12 years old working for dinner theaters in Philadelphia, PA. At 18, looking to expand her opportunities she moved moved to New York City.  Jennifer’s creativity and ability to adapt has allowed her to work in many mediums within the make-up field.  Starting with theatre, television commercials and print work, moving into make-up effects for horror films (including the cult classic  “The Toxic Avenger”) and day time drama (“All My Children”), to six seasons at the New York City Opera and designing for Broadway (most notably “Victor/Victoria” with Julie Andrews). Jennifer’s career, and Fox TV,  brought her to Los Angels, CA. in 1996.  Where for forteen years she served as make up department head for Quincy Jones’ “MADtv” (for which she won the 2009 Emmy Award and seven Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards, along with 14 Emmy Award Nominations over her 14 seasons).  Her experience also includes heading the departments for such television shows as “Saturday Night Live” (for which she received an Emmy nomination), “Frank TV” and “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment”  as well as helping out on such films as“Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,” “Star Trek,” “Erin Brockavich,” “Fight Club” and designing  make-up and effects for films including  “Basquiat” (with David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Jeffery Wright and Gary Oldman) and “The Tic Code” (with Polly Draper and Gregory Hines) and most recently “Cinderalla Story” (prosthetics for Jennifer Coolidge).

Jennifer was recently profiled in Emmy Magazine; chosen as an “Admired & Inspired” talent who exemplifies the best in her field. She can also be seen on screen as a guest judge on the Sci Fi Channel’s hit series “Face Off” and as a Featured Guest Make up Effects Artist on the Nerdist/ Fangoria Channel’s Anthrax’s Scott Ian’s show “Blood and Guts.”